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Each age group follows a daily schedule outlining active and quiet play, indoor activities, centered (free play) and teacher directed (circle) activities; as well as care routines (eating, sleeping, toileting etc.)  The care routines are also times to teach children about health, nutrition, safety and security.

Flexibility in schedules is expected, especially to allow for spontaneous activities. A copy of the schedules is below and is also posted in each class room.


Jets Timetable (15mths-3year olds)

8:00 Greeting of children Free Play


8:45 Clean up & prepare for class schedule classes


9:00- 9:45 Outside


9:45 Bathroom / Fruit


10:15 Activity Time  
Tearing, painting, stringing beads, play dough, sticking, water play,  cooking & computer


10:45 Bathroom and as needed


11:00 Circle / Music and Movement / Dancing
Songs, games, theme discussion


11:30 Lunch Time


12:00 Rest / Quiet Time


2:00 Snack/bathroom


3:00 Instructional Activity & Centers or Outside time


4.00 Inside/bathroom


4.15  Centers / Floor Toys 


4.45  Book Time /Quiet Play, Prepare for home


5:15 Nursery Closes

Helicopters & Rockets (3-4 year olds) & (4-5 year olds)

8:00Children arrive
Free Play, centers, books


8:45Clean up


9:00Separate into classes


9:00Circle Time Calendar, Letters, Songs, talking about Themes for the week


9:30Fruit Time


9:45 Lesson / Center Time Gross and Fine Motor Activities (puzzles, coloring, printing, cutting, Tearing, painting, stringing beads, and play dough) Math, Language, Social Studies, Science, Cutting skills, Cooking & Computer. Our Pre-School children work on numbers, letters and phonics also.


10:30 Story time


10:45 Outside Play


11:30 Lunch Time
Bathroom (before and after eating)


12:00 Rest / Quiet Time


2:00 Snack/bathroom


3:00 Instructional Activity & Centers or Outside


4:00 Inside/ Bathroom

4:15 Centers / Floor Play / Circle Time

 5:15 Nursery Closes



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