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Flying Start Nursery School opened for business in August 2004. We operate from below The Baha’i Center in Hamilton (but not religion based) between Cedar Ave and Brunswick Street. We are open all year, except between Christmas and New Year and the week prior to Labour Day which is when we prepare for the new school year. (Fees are still payable for scheduled closures) We have 3 classes, The Jets, The Helicopters and The Rockets, The Jets and Helicopters have 10 children. Plus a small in class of Pre-School children - The Rockets (4-5yr olds). Students are accepted from 15mths - 5 years old.


Bathroom is at scheduled times throughout the day and as needed. Your child does NOT have to be toilet trained in order to attend Flying Start Nursery. Toilet Training must be a co-operative process involving the children, staff and parents. Our staff help each child become toilet trained by using encouragement and building their self esteem and working closely with parents using similar methods and expectations. Older children can have as much responsibility as they are ready to handle, but always supervised.


Rest and sleep times are proceeded by quiet activities to help children settle.  Staff will assist children who have difficulties sleeping by rubbing backs or sitting quietly nearby.  We play soft music to help set the tone for relaxation; all children will be required to have a quiet time on their beds, even if they do not sleep.


We absolutely have an OPEN DOOR POLICY when parents can visit at any time. Our only request is that if you child has just started with us and you visit please try to do it near the end of the day so that they can then leave with you, it is less upsetting for them that way. During a pandemic this changes, please contact us for latest policy



Security of your child at school is taken very seriously at Flying Start Nursery School. Our Entrance has a large heavy gate that has a key pad number pad that  a passcode must be entered in order to gain entrance, the gate closes and locks behind you, the code is only given out to parents, teachers and people that regularly collect such as Grandparents or other family members, however since the Covid Pandemic only teachers have access to the classes and drop off and pick up is from the main entrance on Brunswick Street. We also have a daily sign in and sign out sheet so we know who is present at school at all times.

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